Embedded / PLC Controllers

ICP DAS USA provides PLC and embedded controllers that are programmable in C and Ladder Logic. With a bevy of remote and rack-mount controllers, ICP DAS' embedded controller provides flexibility, reliability as well as control capabilities. 

I-7188EX  Application Diagram

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I-8000 Rack Mount Controllers

ICP DAS rack mount embedded controllers are available in C Language programmable and Ladder Logic Programmable types.

ICP DAS offers an entry line of I-8000 controllers, programmable in C language, and offering a user friendly ROM-DOS based operating environment. The I-8000 family offers a simple, entry level platform to implement basic embedded control and logic, while maintaining a modular architecture, for implementation in to a multitude of industrial applications! 

The I-8000 PLC controller offers industrial integrators a powerful platform on which to implement precision industrial control via ICS Triplex's ISaGRAF development environment. With an ISaGRAF runtime onboard, the I-8000 offers all six IEC-1131 languages, for diversified process control, in a modular and robust architecture! ICP DAS offers the I-8000 PLC in a multitude of chassis and connectivity configurations!

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Mini PAC with GPRS/GPS

M2M Mini Programmable Automation Controllers make monitoring, immediate message sharing, and quick responding possible. They are intelligent, efficient machines that effectively lower labor costs. They are programmable in C Language and many demo programs are provided.

G-4513-3GWA Application Diagram

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I-7188 Compact embedded controllers

The I-7188 controller is a flagship of the ICP DAS industrial control family! Offering versatile connectivity options, as well as robust embedded control capabilities, the 7188 family allows for flexible implementation of precise embedded PLC control, in in the most demanding of environments!

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Web Page Configurable Controller with GSM/GPRS

The WISE-4000 is an Intelligent AIO & DIO GSM/GPRS programmable automation controller. It features WISE rule engine which allows you to implement IF-Then Else If type control logic through a web browser. It has built-in IO and supports Modbus/TCP protocol. WISE-4000 also supports GPRS/GSM function for sending SMS messages for alarm status notifications.

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HMI Controllers

ICP DAS USA offers compact handheld HMI controllers with low cost/high performance text/graphic LCD display. These are specially designed for industrial environments that require high reliability and PC-compatibility.

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