Motion Control

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Motion control PAC

ICP DAS USA offers a wide range of powerful PAC motion control solution - Standard PAC Motion Control Solutions.

Motion Control Solution integrates seamlessly with ISaGRAF development software, eLogger HMI, and the XPAC series that includes the I-8094F/8094/8092F motion control solution. This allows users to easily design and implement a professional and user-friendly system with effective integration of motion controls, logic controls and I/O device controls. Software development such as VC, C#, VB .NET fully support the PAC motion control systems.

Motion Control PAC Application Diagram

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Motionnet Motion Control modules

Motionnet comprises of a high-speed serial communication system that involves Master card and Slave modules. ICP DAS USA has two categories of Slave devices: Digital I/O, and Motion Control. Users' actuators/sensors can be easily connected with our Motionnet devices. Motion control modules work together with either a Servo or Stepping motor. Motionnet communication between a Master and the Slaves devices is based on RS-485 technology (Multi-drop, Half-duplex). This technology provides the advantage of simplifying connectivity of devices between remote distances while still offering high speed. Data transfer for the I/O modules is cyclical and time deterministic, so this mean that Motionnet devices can be used for other numerous industrial automation applications.

Motionnet Application Diagram

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PC-based Motion Control Boards

ICP DAS USA has developed PC-based solutions for machine automation applications, including: PCI bus motion control cards and the ISA bus motion control cards series. ICP DAS USA also offers a wide range of quick-connect terminal blocks for a range of servo motors, including Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Yaskawa, Delta, etc., which helps customers quickly implement the installation and reduce the potential for using the incorrect wiring.

pc-based Motion Control Application Diagram

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