I-87K Data Acquisition Modules via RS-485 / DCON Protocol - Cartridge Based I/O

ICP DAS I-87K serial cartridge based I/O modules offer the ultimate in cost effective flexibility, when it comes to a localized COTS data acquisition program. The ICP DAS I-87K COTS cartridge based I/O program offers a multitude of digital and analog configurations, which are communicable via an proprietary backplane in all of ICP DAS's W-8000 & 87K series rack mount controllers and expansion racks!

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I-87KW High Performance I/O Modules

The I-87K High Performance Modules are for use with ViewPAC, WinPAC, XPAC and LinPAC controllers.

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I-87K Analog data acquisition modules

ICP DAS offers a versatile array of serial based analog I/O modules to meet the precise needs of sensitive data acquisition applications using I/W-8000 controllers. ICP offers a bevy of thermistor, thermocouple, RTD, strain gauge, and universal I/O, as well as high resolution analog output modules!

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I-87K Digital data acquisition modules

ICP DAS offers a mutitude of versatile serial based digitial I/O modules to meet the everchanging needs of industrial consumers!From basic digital I/O, to high speed counters, and even relay based I/O, ICP DAS can meet your distributed I/O needs! The I-87000 digital I/O family offers complete, commercial off the shelf solutions fo almost any digital I/O application!

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I-87K Expansion Racks

ICP DAS offers a multitude of serial expansion racks for use with I-87k I/O modules. By implementing external serial expansion racks, users are able to easily implement a greater amount of I/O onto an existing industrial control infrastructure.

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I-87K Specialty Modules

ICP DAS offers a wide array of specialty serial based I/O modules for use with your W/I-8000 controller.

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