I-7188 Compact embedded controllers

The I-7188 controller is a flagship of the ICP DAS industrial control family! Offering versatile connectivity options, as well as robust embedded control capabilities, the 7188 family allows for flexible implementation of precise embedded PLC control, in in the most demanding of environments!

I-7188 C Language Embedded controllers

ICP DAS offers an entry line of I-7188 controllers, programmable in C language, and offering a user friendly ROM-DOS based operating environment. The I-7188 line offers a simple entry level platform to implement basic embedded control and logic, while maintaining a modular architecture for implementation in to a multitude of industrial applications!

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IEC-61131-3 PLC controllers

The I-7188EG/XG, uPAC-5207 and Win-GRAF PLC and PAC controllers offer industrial integrators a powerful platform on which to implement precision industrial control via ISaGRAF and Win-GRAF IEC-61131-3 development environments. With an ISaGRAF or Win-GRAF runtime onboard, you can program in Ladder Logic, Instruction List, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart and Flow Chart languages.

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uPAC I/O Expansion Boards

Designed for the uPAC-5000, LP-5000, and WP-5000 series, these XW-boards provide additional capabilities ranging from allowing for higher voltage ranges to accommodating more digital and analog output and input ports to fit your needs.

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I-7188 Expansion boards

The X series expansion boards are the ultimate solution for existing 7188 owners who would like to upgrade the capabilities of their controller for new or revised use. With over 75+ different X boards available, users can add everything from additional COM ports, digital and analog I/O, additional memory, to high speed counters or 2~3 axis motion control encoders! 

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