The tM series tiny compact modules communicate over Modbus RTU and DCON protocols and provide Analog and Digital I/O functions such as isolated digital input, relay, and open-collector output. They easily integrate with HMI, SCADA, PLC's, and more. They are equipped with two terminal block connectors for easy wiring.
The M-7000 data acquisition remote I/O modules support Modbus RTU and DCON protocols. They come in a wide variety of analog and digital configurations. The analog and digital I/O types supported are current, voltage, thermistor, thermocouple, frequency, relay, strain gauge, and more.
The I-7000 distributed I/O communicates over DCON ASCII Protocol over RS-485. They are available in digital and analog configurations, have low power consumption, and require +10 ~ +30 VDC. Free DCON Utility configuration software is provided.
The ET-7200 Modbus TCP based dual Ethernet port I/O has 2 Ethernet ports for daisy-chain networking. They are configurable over a standard web browser.
The ET-7000/PET-7000 series provides a built-in web server, web HMI, and I/O pair connection. The series supports Modbus TCP and temperatures -30 ~ +80°C.
Learn how to configure a Modbus RTU digital I/O module with DCON Utility.
We offer Data Acquisition modules in analog and digital input and output configurations including current, voltage, thermistor, thermocouple, RTD, and strain gauge. They communicate over many protocols and interfaces including RS-485, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, BACnet, Profibus, CANOpen, and DeviceNet. We provide free EZ Data Logger software for PC based data logging, monitoring, and control for our RS-485, Modbus, and USB I/O.
Our EZ Data Logger can be applied to a small remote I/O system using our Data Acquisition devices. With its user-friendly interface, users can quickly and easily build a data logger software without any programming skills. It supports up to 1024 I/O tags, 10 SMS or E-mail alarm contacts, up to 10 web cameras, and up to 256 virtual channels.