Industrial Ethernet Real-Time-Ring Switches in Plastic Cases

The RS series are ICP DAS USA's latest real-time redundant ring industrial Ethernet switches. These ring switches come in economical plastic cases to meet your industrial control needs. They can satisfy the requirement for link-loss-backup in industrial field applications. The RS series supports versatile topologies. Can construct a cost effective redundant ring Ethernet LAN by mixing RS with another low cost Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, the NS-205/208 series. Equipped with 2 power inputs that are redundant for each other. The relay output facility can deliver a warning signal due to power failure or link loss. With the support of Modbus TCP protocol, administration of Ethernet LAN can get information of individual port status of the RS series.

Our Industrial Ethernet switches have a wide range of operating temperatures, making them great high temperature Ethernet switches as well as low temperature Ethernet switches.

Ring Switch Plastic Diagram

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