G-Lite 60W 5,000 mAh + 60W Super Charger

G-Lite - With 60W Super Charger

G-Lite 60W 5,000 mAh + 60W Super Charger

  Price:  $79.99  


5,000 mAh (19 Wh) Capacity

1.7 times bigger than iPhone X capacity

60W super charger

Fully charged in 17 minutes

Prolonged Battery Life

5x more life cycles over current lithium

1 Year Warranty

Real Graphene USA stands behind all products. Warranty is guaranteed for 1 year after purchase

Graphene Composite

Graphene keeps the battery cool and adds and extra layer of protection creating the fastest, coolest and safest battery



Included in Packaging

G-Lite Composite Battery

USB-C Cable

60W Super Charger

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